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As many of you will have seen, the electronic sign in the White House Car Park at the front of the College is now operational. This screen is managed by the Bursar’s Office and any requests for information to be displayed on the screen should be sent to bursarsoffice@stgeorgesweybridge.com, ideally with at least two working days’ notice.


To ensure the sign is effective and drivers passing through the car park are able to safely read the display:

  • The wording displayed on the sign must be readable within 5 seconds, so please prioritise informative/directional details (e.g. parking available in XXXX, or, please proceed to XXXX)
  • We are limited as to how many signs can be displayed on the signage loop at any one time. If we are unable to display your sign for this reason at any time, @Bursar's Office will contact you directly
  • To prevent drivers from becoming distracted, no video content will be displayed on the screen


Please use this Template DesignStaff should use this template to create their bespoke signs and send, via email, to @Bursar's Office along with the ‘Display Details’ (as below):

  • The font size should be no smaller than 80pt
  • Please do not move the location of the textbox on the ppt slide – the template has been set up to allow sufficient space for the date/time to also be displayed on the screen
  • Please retain the background, font, alignment, and colour scheme of the template unless otherwise approved
  • Please check spelling and grammar before submitting!


Display Details:

  • Date(s) you would like the sign to be displayed (please provide a start and end date, or specify if it is a one-off)

If you would like your sign to be displayed as a regular occurrence, please specify 

  • Time(s) you would like the sign to be displayed (please provide a start and end time)

If you would like your sign displayed at multiple times of day (e.g. morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up), please provide all timings in your request


If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact @Bursar's Office to discuss.

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