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What is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)? It's a safe and secure way to protect all your data that you have access to from the Internet.

In today's globally-connected world, a single password is not enough to protect our confidential and sensitive data from hackers. Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional layer of protection to the sign-in process.

We have done some clever stuff, so you will be prompted to approve your sign-in when off-site only (at home, on holiday, your favourite café), but not while at the Schools. Also you have the option to authenticate once every 30 days only, if using the same resource on the same device. Remember to tick the Don't ask again for 30 days box.

Note that if you use a 4G or 5G mobile phone signal while on-premises you will still be prompted, as that is not using our network.

How MFA works

What does MFA Protect?

MFA protects the data that you have access to for these services (more will be added):

  • Everything Microsoft, so Teams, Emails, Office Online.
  • Planet eStream.
  • Firefly and Dragonfly.

How to set up MFA

Once enabled by IT Services, you will be prompted to set up MFA the next time you access a resource off-site that authenticates through Microsoft. You will have 3 choices:


  1. Configure to receive a text message or call to your mobile phone, then you will enter the code sent to gain access.
  2. Download the free Microsoft Authentication App and using that. Our recommended method.
  3. Configure to receive a phone call to your home telephone number. Not recommended - you might not be at home.

1. How to setup to receive a text message to your phone.

2. How to setup the Microsoft Authenticator App.

You can also configure your MFA settings directly on a Microsoft website, and setup your Authenticator App by scanning a QR code.

Staff only - If you are using a Surface Pro offsite, you should already be set up with MFA when using that device. Also, when using your Surface with an AOVPN connection, remember you are connected to the onsite network so you will not be prompted for MFA.

Junior School Pupils - as you probably don't have your own mobile phone, you can use a parent's or guardian's mobile phone, and ask them to help you set up for the first time. Once set up, the parent or guardian wil be prompted to approve once every 30 days when you see this when logging in:

You can, when setting up Multi Factor Authentication for the first time, configure to call your home phone number (landline) if you have one. 

Any problems please let us know.

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