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Option 1 (relies on you carrying this out every time you open a link 😐):

Whatever the Youtube video website link is, simply insert a ‘-’ in between the ‘t and the ‘u’ of Youtube after the page has loaded and watch the browser skip straight to an ad-free full screen video of your clip!




With a ‘-‘ inserted to remove ads:




Option 2 (permanent and easier way of removing ads 😊)

Install a Microsoft Edge extension that blocks Youtube adverts.


  1. Open an Edge browser and click on ‘extensions’ (to the right of the address bar and looks like a jigsaw piece, see below):

  1. Choose to ‘Open Microsoft Edge Add-ons’:


  1. Search for a good blocker like ‘Blazing Adblock for Youtube’ and click on ‘get’.  Voila, no more ads on youtube for you!


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