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Please be aware that the Message Recall function in Outlook works only in certain circumstances. Always check who you are sending emails to before clicking on the Send button. All Students and Pupils have either (Students) or (Pupils) in their display name to help prevent emails sent in error to staff with similar names. Also be especially careful when sending emails to external recipients as we cannot recall email sent externally. If sending to more than one external recipient, consider using the BCC field. It could be considered a breach of GDPR to divulge a personal email addresses to others. For example, don't use the To or CC fields to email more than one parent - use the BCC field.

Important! Once an email has been sent externally there is nothing IT Services can do to recall that email - once it's left our email system it has left our control. 

There is a recall email message function in Outlook for Windows. To recall an email:

  • In Outlook, go to your Sent Items Folder and open the email you wish you had not sent.
  • Go to the Message Tab, click on Actions and then Recall This Message...

  • You will then be given these options:

  • Click on OK to proceed.

However, please be aware of the following when Using Message Recall in Outlook

Message Recall will not be successful if: 

  • The recipient is not using Outlook for Windows.
  • The message has been moved from the Inbox.
  • The message has been read. This includes viewing the message with the Preview Pane so that the message is flagged as Read.
  • It won’t work for any messages sent outside the organization.
  • Recall cannot be used from Outlook on the Web.

If you have sent an email in error to the wrong St George's recipient, and you want that deleted from the recipient's inbox, contact the Service Desk immediately:

Service Desk servicedesk@stgeorgesweybridge.com

St George’s Weybridge

Ext 5555

Service Desk Teams Channel

01932 839 422 

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