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So that Visiting Music Teachers can arrange lessons, for example, with their music students, a VMTs Team has been created. 

Please note the following:

  • VMTs require a Guest account which is created by IT Services and added to the VMTs Team.
  • This means VMTs can access no other resources or contact students outside of this Microsoft Team.

The process:

1) The VMT's guest account is added to the Team.

2) VMT receives an email to his or her personal email address:

3) VMT clicks on the Open Microsoft Teams link and sees the option to install an app, or use the web version:

4) Either option, once the app is installed, show this. VMT enters his or her personal email address:

5) An authorisation code is sent to this email address to verify the user:

6) Select St George's Weybridge and Continue:

7) Go through the introduction:

8) The click on Get started and away you go:

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