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For those experiencing issues with the online SIMS Connected system. Please let us know if there is an issue you are experiencing which is not listed here.

SIMS Network Error

If you see this error onsite then you have been Smoothwalled! Open another tab in Edge and sign in. This should clear the error. You should not need to refresh the Tab where SIMS open.


Or you are moving around the schools, or connecting to a wired connected Surface Pro dock from a Wi-Fi connection.

SIMS Timing Out

For School Computers and Surface Pros we have enforced these settings. If accessing SIMS from a personal computer at home, SIMS recommend changing these settings in Edge:

Click on the three dots, then go to Settings:

Then click on Systems and Performance:

Then in Optimize Performance set Turn On efficiency mode when to Never.

Further down in Optimize Performance, set Put inactive tabs to sleep after the specified amount of time: to 3 hours or more:

And lastly, in Never put these sites to sleep click on Add and enter https://connected.sims.co.uk/

File Management

Note this is or certain staff's awareness who need this function.

Because our database is now on SIMS Servers, there is an extra step to upload/ download files.

Upload- this is used when you need to link documents to staff or student records, or include attachments for InTouch emails. 

Download- this is used when a report is run and you would like to save it in SharePoint or in the Shared Directories.

There is an inconspicuous arrow at the top of the SIMS screen; when clicked it reveals 2 clouds- one for Upload and one for Download:

The Up arrow is for Upload, and the Down arrow for Download (the 4 squares are to make SIMS fullscreen):

Printing and Reports

Again this is or certain staff's awareness who need this function.

Printing Individual Reports:

A single report is printed exactly the same was as before: Select Print/ Print Report

Printing reports for multiple students: Select Print/ Print Report as One File (select Universal Printer)

Any problems please let us know.

Service Desk servicedesk@stgeorgesweybridge.com

St George’s Weybridge

Ext 5555

Service Desk Teams Channel

01932 839 422 www.stgeorgesweybridge.com

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