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Different ‘Teams’ have different default settings and permissions depending on how they are first constructed.  Automatically generated class Teams (which are created for you at the start of the year) have a set of rules applied to them which locks down most of the permissions to just the teachers of the Team.  You don’t need to do anything to these Teams.  

However, if you have manually made a Team for any other purpose (for example, you might have created a ‘Team’ for a club or sports team) and added students to it, the default permissions of a staff-built new Team are different… they allow all members of that Team, including the students, to be able to create, edit and delete anything.

We suggest that you double-check the permissions you have in place for any Teams you have built yourself.  To do this follow the instructions below:


  1. Click on the three dots next to the Team you want to check and click on Manage team:


  1. Click on Settings and then Member permissions:


  1. We suggest unticking everything apart from the bottom three boxes so your permissions look like this.  This will stop students being able to create or delete anything other than their own posts:


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