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The new SIMS Teacher App is an easy way to take registrations without logging in to SIMS Connected.

Please note - do NOT click on the Behaviour Tab! This currently is not working and will cause the app to hang. If this happens, the only solution is to close down the app and restart.

1) Before you can get going for the first time:

  • We will send you an Account activation code - this is required to authorise your Teacher app account to access the school’s SIMS information.
  • You will need to enter your Date of Birth as recorded in the school’s SIMS system. This is a one-off check for activation and is only needed for security

2) On your computer, you should have the SIMS Teacher app installed. Find this in the Start Menu. Note you can right-click on this and pin to the Task Bar for quick access:

If you do not have the SIMS Teacher app installed, go to the Microsoft Store in the Start Menu:

And click on Get....

3) Once installed, start the app and click on Sign In:

And then click on Sign in with Office 365:

And sign in using your email address and usual password:

Enter the Unique Activation Code supplied by IT Services:

For the first time only set up a 4-digit passcode, and then again to confirm. From then on, enter your 4-digit code:

4) Once logged in, The Teacher app automatically displays your timetable and lessons. Outside of lesson time it displays your 

expanded timetable for the week. During lesson time, the app displays your current class:

5) Recording Attendance/Registration.  If you access the App whilst teaching a lesson or during a registration session, the app will display pictures of the pupil/students in the class (please refer to the Timetable Overview for details on changing to different sessions via the timetable):

Full guide for the SIMS Teacher app.

Any problems please let us know.

Service Desk servicedesk@stgeorgesweybridge.com

St George’s Weybridge

Ext 5555

Service Desk Teams Channel

01932 839 422 www.stgeorgesweybridge.com

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