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Please note that ALL requests for technical support, information, event or assembly support, in fact anything and everything that you need assistance from IT Services, must go through the Service Desk and not be requested directly to members of the team.


Reasons for this:


  • ITIL’s Service Desk Framework requirement is to have a central point of contact. (Further info if interested).
  • We need all requests to be logged so we can report on activity and identify, for example, our top 10 requests by category. We cannot do this if requests are emailed to members of the team.
  • If we are asked to follow up an outstanding request, again we cannot do this if the initial request was by email, walk-up, or a Teams message to an individual member of the team.
  • The scatter-gun approach of emailing numerous members of the IT team duplicates effort and slows down the response time.


For urgent requests, especially issues in teaching rooms:


  • Teams it in our Service Desk Requests Channel Service Desk Teams Channel. This will automatically create a Service Desk ticket.
  • Phone x5555 at the College or x3639 at the Junior School.
  • Call in to K3 at the College or room 49 (the IT Office) at the Junior School.


If the request is of a confidential matter, or a system-wide or urgent issue out of hours, email or Teams message the Director of IT: Charlie Mackworth CMackworth@StGeorgesWeybridge.com but please don’t use this email address for day-to-day support requests.


All other requests (Surface Pro and computer issues, event support, software installations, website unblocked; in fact everything else) should be emailed to the Service Desk servicedesk@stgeorgesweybridge.com with all the details. There is no need to copy in members of the IT team as your ticket will be assigned to the relevant person.

Service Desk servicedesk@stgeorgesweybridge.com

St George’s Weybridge

Ext 5555

Service Desk Teams Channel

01932 839 422 www.stgeorgesweybridge.com

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