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CPOMS is the School's safeguarding, pastoral and wellbeing system.

Your CPOMS installation is now live and can be accessed from any internet enabled device from the following location:-



Please note:- you have received this email as you were inputted as the main contact on the returned CPOMS initial setup details spreadsheet, you will need to share the above URL and access instructions with further staff members when you are ready to start using the system.


Please see below instructions to get started.  We have included written instructions, as well as links to short training videos should you prefer this approach.



Logging in for the first time


To ensure optimum security, all members of staff must firstly create their own password.  This can be done by selecting the ‘Forgotten your password or using CPOMS for the first time?’ option, beneath the ‘Log in’ button at your CPOMS URL.  Simply input the email address which was supplied to us and click ‘Reset Password’.  This will then send you a unique link to your email address where you can create your first CPOMS password.

Reset Password Video

Getting Started – the basics

Do you have access to more than one CPOMS system?  If so, we can arrange a Single Sign On (SSO) account which will allow you to maintain one email, password and key, to gain access to multiple CPOMS sites without having to sign out.  Contact Us today to arrange this.   


‘Soft Key’ using the CPOMS Authenticator app (Two Factor Authentication)

To be completed by all Higher Level Users

Print friendly copy of instructions attached ‘CPOMS Help Sheet – CPOMS Authenticator Setup and FAQs’.  Bitesize video available below.

CPOMS Authenticator App First Time Setup

  1.  Download the CPOMS Authenticator app


Each soft key user must firstly download the ‘CPOMS Authenticator’ app to their chosen device i.e. a smart phone, tablet or iPad.


You can find the CPOMS Authenticator app by searching the name in your app store, or by using one of the below hyperlinks:-



  1. Log in to your CPOMS Account


Once you have downloaded the app, please log in to your CPOMS account as a non-key user (on a separate device to the app).


Once you have logged in to CPOMS, click on the ‘Account Settings’ section, along the top bar, and then click on the ‘Security Keys’ tab, to the left-hand side of the screen. 


Under the sub-heading for CPOMS Authenticator, please click on ‘Add new device’.  This will then create a QR code for you to scan within your CPOMS Authenticator App.  


To scan the QR code, simply open up the app and tap the ‘Scan QR Code’ message.  Now point your device camera towards this image.  Once the app has scanned the QR code, it will begin generating random numbers.  For security purposes, the numbers will change every 30 seconds as the circle goes round.


Next, beneath the QR code image on screen, enter a ‘Name’ for your device i.e. iPad/ My Phone.


In ‘Code’ type in the current 6-digit code which is appearing in your app.


Lastly click ‘Save this device’.


  1.  Elevate your Access


To elevate your access, please click on ‘Dashboard’ to the top left-hand corner of the screen in CPOMS, to refresh your page.  To the top right-hand corner of your CPOMS screen, you should now have a ‘Elevate Your Access’ option to click on.  Once selected, enter the 6-digit number appearing on your app currently, and click ‘Authenticate’.


If you are in a higher level user group, your access will now change to reflect your user group permissions.


*Please note, each key holder must set up the soft key on their device, within their own CPOMS log-in.



Important Admin Steps


Please note, you must create your ‘Soft Key’ using the CPOMS Authenticator app before following the below instructions, in order to be able to access the ‘Admin’ area of CPOMS.


Configure your Automatic Alerts and Alert Groups  


Please see attached ‘CPOMS Help Sheet – Alert Groups and Automatic Alerts’ for instructions on how to set up Alert Groups and Automatic Alerts within your CPOMS system.  We recommend you complete this before you begin to roll out the system to staff.  


Class Restrictions


If you would like key users to only access certain classes or year groups, i.e. Teachers, you may setup ‘Class Restrictions’ in CPOMS.  Please see attached ‘CPOMS Help Sheet – Class Restrictions’ for full instructions on how to set this up.



CPOMS Training Webinars


Firstly, we have a pre-recorded training session to help you log in for the first time and get to grips with the basics.  This is available on demand and can be accessed anywhere, any time.  You may access any of our on demand videos as often as you need and share the links with further staff.

Getting Started – On demand pre-recorded session

In addition to the above pre-recorded session, we run weekly live ‘Getting Started’ sessions with one of our CPOMS experts.  You can sign up here, if you would prefer this option:- LIVE Getting Started Webinar


For elevated access users (i.e. DSLs/SLT/Admin access) we have some additional on demand recordings of the main features you can access as a higher level user:-

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We are also currently running a live webinar covering all of the exciting new features CPOMS has to offer, please click below to sign up:-




Support Calls


Should you or any of your CPOMS users need to log a support call with us you can do so in the following ways:-


  • Using the ‘Contact Support’ option when you are logged into CPOMS (along the top bar)
  • Email: helpdesk@cpoms.co.uk  
  • Telephone: 01756 797766


I have attached the full CPOMS User Guide, as well as a cut down version for Non-Key User Guidance which you may share with staff.  Further help sheets and frequently asked questions can be found by clicking here.


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