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Microsoft Teams Live Events are an extension of Teams meetings that enable you to schedule and produce events that stream to large online audiences! This is ideal for a Parents online presentation as participents are not required to log in, and can take part in a Q&A session.

We strongly recommend that the Organiser and Presenters use a wired network connection on their Surface Pro or laptop for the event. A wired connection will always be more reliable.

1) In your Teams dekstop app, go to Calendar on the left.

2) Then in the New meeting drop down, select Town Hall:

3) Give the event a Title, select the Start and End dates and times, and add a Description. Note that you will become the Producer (Owner) by default. 

4) Add any Co-organisers (if setting this up for some else who will be the Organiser) and Presenters from your org (staff colleagues).

5) Select Public so that externals, such as Parents, can join. No sign in is required forr this option. Parents are sent a link.

6) Click on Save top left.

7) Your Town Hall event is now saved. Now click on the Meeting options. Ensure Q&A is seet to Yes. Click on Save.

8) Back in Teams, top right click on Copy join link and send this to your attendees (parents) and click on Publish.

9) Send the link to Parents through your usual parent communication email system.

Any problems please let us know.

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